Different Downloads Per Product Options

Different Downloads Per Product Options
Note: if compatibility version is not listed the one you need, contact me and i will let you know if extension works with your version.

PS: Mod has 2 types of installation OCMOD and VQMOD

By default OpenCart allows you as administrator to assign digital downloadable items based on product, that is you can assign X downloadable items to product. And once customer purchase this product he can download all downloadable items the ones you assigned to it.

But what if you need to sell different downloadable items for the very same product? what if you want to sell Different software versions? or Music Album not as a one piece but by songs individually?

Earlier to achieve it you had to list different products itself in order to sell different downloadable items. But not anymore:)

This extension will rise your OpenCart store to a new level. The extension is ideal for stores selling digital goods (no matter what it may be, mp3, modules, pictures, licenses, etc.. ) From now you as a store owner will be able to sell different downloadable items by options selected, that is you will be able to assign different downloadable items to options assigned to a product.

This is a must to have extension for store owners who sells digital downloads no matter of what type. As with this extension from now you will be selling your digital products in a new way. Sell different software versions for different prices, sell mp3, sell license keys for x periods. the usage of this extension is very flexible:)

PS: if you delete after some time options from the products, your customers will not loose their downloadable items the ones was assigned previously to these products and option values.

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