Organize Email Accounts

Organize Email Accounts
About the Module

By default in OpenCart you can set up only one email address for all activities such as sending customer emails, order email, newsletters, etc.

With this module, you can set up different email account for different task or activities. You can send order emails from one email account and send newsletter from another email account and so on.

Also you can receive customer enquiry to one particular email account.

Like this you can organize your email accounts. Also you can assign different sender names (Refer to screenshot above)

Customer Registration Notification
Send Email from this account when a customer registers in your website

Other Customer Account Notification
Send Email from this account when for all other customer account emails like forgot password, rewards, transaction

Affiliate Account Notification
Send Email from this account to your affiliates

Order / Sales Email
Send order confirmation email, order status email from this account

Receive Customer Enquiry Email
Receive Customer Enquiries to this Email Account

Send Marketing/Newsletter Email
Send Marketing/Newsletter Email from this Email Account

  • This is an OCMOD Module and no core files overwrite
  • Easy Install and Uninstall
  • Free Support Included (Refer Support Policy)
  • Installation Guide Included within the package
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