Add bank-links of all major banks in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish markets, plus credit card payments to your shop.
Plus integration with shipping providers Omniva,DPD and SmartPOST.

This module allows you accept online payments using the MakeCommerce (Maksekeskus AS) Payment Gateway.
To use the services you need to sign up at and then configure the module by entering API credentials given to your shop after sign-up.
(you can also test out the module without signup, using test-shop credentials).

The plugin offers bank-links of all major banks in Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Finnish markets, plus credit card payments. You only need to have one bank account, no need to sign contracts with multiple different banks. We have no contract or sign-up fees. Traditional banks charge contract fees that will make your initial costs much higher. We do charge a small monthly fee for using this integration module.
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Besides the payments, the module provides some shipments-related functions as well - it can integrate your shop with Omniva,DPD and SmartPOST systems.

Overview of functionality:

    - bank-links of all major banks in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland
    - credit-card payments (Visa, Mastercard) through MakeCommerce PCI DSS compliant card dialog (removes compliancy requirement from merchant)
    - customisable payment methods presentation
    - SimpleCheckout support
    - make full or partial refunds right within shop Admin (edit order view)
    - supports multi-lingual shops
    - omniva (ee, lv, lt), dpd (ee, lv, lt) and smartpost (ee) automated parcel terminals as shipment methods
    - omniva, spartpost (ee) courier service as a shipment method
    - automatic registration of shipments into omniva, dpd and systems
    - printing omniva/dpd/smartpost parcel labels right within shop Admin (orders view)

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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4 Jul 2024

7 Feb 2017
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