anyCSV PRO CSV import, CSV export

anyCSV PRO CSV import, CSV export
anyCSV PRO import export is powerful module for data import in and export from OpenCart.
In the module you will see many settings Where are
  • various files
  • seo-url generation
  • image uploading
  • imports of categories by paths
  • various import options
  • attributes, filters, import in generic fields inside OpenCart tables and over 100 other useful settings

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anyCSV is a unique approach to work with CSV. The approach suggests that each setting file is generated once with regard to special features of a particular file. This approach suggests does not require file processing before import. When the file of a particular supplier is set, it is enough to specify the settings for each column of the file. Then the module identifies the file or a similar file and inserts the necessary settings.

The module identifies almost any CSV file. It has over 100 useful settings for common ways of various data arrangements in CSV. Any amount of data may be added. Compilation of an enormous file is not required to update quantity or cost only.

anyCSV– why any?
  • Any supplier and any number of supplier files – the setting pattern is saved for each file;
  • Any file column names;
  • Any column sequences;
  • In any form: as a link to the file on a separate website or as a file on a website (using the standard OpenCart loader)
  • Any columns – the modules finds anything that has been added to the base including Your columns in the base that are absent from standard OpenCart data base tables
  • Any file size – anyCSV implements partial addition function depending on the server capacities

Basically, any way of information arrangement:
1. Categories: for instance, as paths with subcategories with any divider or each category with regard to the path in its column in the file when it is possible to indicate where the products are located and which shall be the main category;
2. Options – 6 microdata: from transmitting option in the whole to transmitting costs or option values only
3. Attributes – 6 microdata: from values only to import in the whole with all the data
4. Filters – 3 microdata: from values only to import in the whole with all the data

SEO URL generation by the rules of search engines right during import
Our popular SEO URL Generator module experience based seo url generation by the rules of search engines. seo url is generated to products, manufacturers, categories, articles

Import of any XML, YML files by adding anyXML plug-in to the module
The module is supplied with a separate plug-in with a unique method of processing almost any XML including YML. In fact, any XML may be shown as a table which is much easier to handle and use for data exchange

Detailed log
Generation of the log file allowing to see which changed have been made and when (see an example of a log)

Automatic file processing
For instance, you only need to update costs and stock balances of products, options. It is enough to create a setting profile and a link to automatic updating. Place it in the planner and the updates will be made in the required moment and in the required sequence

CSV file loading or link to CSV file
In any form: as a link to the file on a separate website or as a file on a website (using the OpenCart loader)

Data generation during import
All the data from the file are generated right during import. For instance, the lacking categories or lacking option values that are in the file but absent from the website

Image import via URL
Images may not only be uploaded during import but a unique name may be created according to the WEB standard and then they may be put in the required folder, for instance, named as “To suppliers”

Import of categories and their positioning in the existing ones
If categories are to be generated but also drawn to the website tree, the parent of each category or path may be specified. You may also choose the main category for the products and specify if they shall be distributed all over or in the last category only

Disabling products after import
Several conditions allowing to disable products after import or update. For instance, the condition if the quantity is below some number (for example, five or ten), the products with low supplier’s stock balance shall be disabled. And other conditions

Seo url import
You are transferring the data - then you may at once import seo-url for products, categories, manufacturers with the data

Identification of products when updated by the fields in the base and standard values
Not all products may be identified by product_id so the module has a function of products identification by name, image, all item numbers and the fields if they are added and used by you to store some identifiers to distinguish the required products before they are updated

Import of options and values
6 microdata to import the products options and a possibility to put your own dividers within the microdata as well as default values for different properties of the options. For instance:
  • Value only;
  • Cost and quantity only separated by a divider;
  • More complex combinations enabling to enter all information about options

Import of attributes and filters
7 microdata for import of the values of attributes, filters. All lacking properties will be generated, nothing will be duplicated

Reviews import
You may import the reviews literally within 10 minutes, Of course, it shall be written first...

Data export
Data export in the same form as import by the same profiles if it is required to distribute the data among your bulk customers, online shops.

Instructions and application
  • CSV files come with the module and the main profiles are integrated (for instance, products update + file, for instance, cost and stock balance update + file, etc.)

    What may be imported by CSV
    • Product with categories, filters, manufacturers, options, attributes, images, seo url
    • Categories
    • Manufacturers
    • Attributes
    • Options
    • Filters
    • Reviews

  • Price

    • Developed by OpenCart Community
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