Edit Order Line Items

Edit Order Line Items

Current Version: v303.3 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 1.5.0.x - 3.0.3.x

Full Resolution Images: Available at the OpenCart forums

This extension allows you to quickly and easily add, edit, or remove both line items and products on an order. It does not rely on any complicated API calls like the built-in OpenCart editor, and is ideal for making quick changes to an order when you know the textual and price changes you want to make.

  • Easily edit products and line items on an order after it's been created. You can change product names, models, quantities, and prices, as well as line item titles and cost values.

  • Quickly add or remove new products and line items on the order.

  • Add or edit options on products, as well as any gift vouchers on the order. (Note: this feature is only available on OpenCart 2.x and 3.x versions.)

  • Optionally edit other order info contained in the "order" database table.

  • Create new orders in the Sales > Orders area, or for a specific customer in the Customers area of the admin panel.

  • Can be used in conjunction with Collect Payment Later to create a delayed payment system, where you can edit things like the shipping cost or products on an order, and then send the customer a link where they can pay for and complete their order.

What customers say about Edit Order Line Items

Very good extension. A must have if you need to edit orders quickly. Work seamlessly out of the box. Thanks for providing this to the public.


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