Slasoft Admin Quick Link -OC3: Add shortcuts on Admin

Slasoft Admin Quick Link -OC3: Add shortcuts on Admin
OC v3.0 supported !
Quick links icons make your work much easy and faster!
Don't spend all your time trying to find the links in drop-down menus.

Repeat everyday all the time with boring tasks.

Demo Admin:
User: demo
Password: demo

NOW, you can create your own and make everything 1-click away to reach that page.

Easy to install and support with developers.

Supports multiple languages

OCMOD compatible, just upload from Extension Installer without using FTP!
- Install it with Extension Installer
login OpenCart admin, and goto Extension Installer by uploading the "install.ocmod.xml" file, if you see the green bar, it means successfully installed, please go to tab modification to click the "Refresh" button in order to activate it.

模組(Extensions) > 模組安裝(Extension Installer)
- 安裝完成後 到 擴充功能 > 程式修改設定 (Extensions > Modification), 點擊 更新 按鈕.

*****Work Smart*****【後台管理更輕鬆系列】v2.3
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Here are the solutions:
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2. Admin Quick Links 後台快速鏈接 - Create your own Dashboard shortcuts
3. Quick View Copy - PRO 後台快檢拷貝 PRO
4. Admin Dynamic Search Bar 後台商品快速搜尋- with images, product id , SKU, it will show you whilie you type!
5 - Search History Report 搜尋關鍵字報告

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