Order History Advanced - template comments, file uploads ++

Order History Advanced - template comments, file uploads ++
Order history advanced is a "MUST HAVE" extension for all store administrators using order history to communicate with customers.
With this new template history comments system you no more need to copy/paste and manually search tracking numbers.
File attachment in order history now is possible.


  • Manage unlimited number of comment templates.
  • Templates can use or no HTML tags.
  • Optional use of visual editor.
  • Keywords in templates for replacement with data from the order: {order_id}, {store_name}, {store_url}, {telephone}, {email}, {payment_firstname}, {payment_lastname}, {payment_city}, {payment_country}, {comment}, {ip}, ...
  • Keywords for first or all ordered products in the order: {first_product}, {all_products}
  • Keyword for tracking code (number) from the used delivery method in the order: {tracking_number}
    Allready supported (ask for other):
    Shipment / Courier details Tracker
  • Multilingual. Used language from the order (customer language).
  • Automatically insert comment from template when select new order status in history.
  • Explicit button to trigger comment generation.
  • Select one or more order statuses for each template.
  • Many filters: by customer groups, by payment methods, by shipping methods, by languages.
  • Delete order comments - also bulk delete. Ajax.
  • NEW! History from customers, including file uploads and attachments (option to turn on/off).
  • NEW! Possibility to set or unset customer notification.
  • NEW! Linkify (make clickable links) from entered URLs in admin comment textarea (automatically put a tag).
  • NEW! Visual editor toggle button for admin comment textarea.
  • NEW! Preview for PDF files.
  • NEW! Option to select format for notification emails: html or text.
  • NEW! Preview for TXT files.


  • Possibility to attach one or many files to order history.
  • Adjustable filename format to save on server: combination of {date}, {time}, {order_id}, {filename}, {fileext}, {random} and any text.
  • Adjustable sub-directory to store files: none, or combination of dirname, {date}, {time}, {order_id} and any text.
  • File or files are sent as attachment to customer email.
  • NEW: Possibility not to attach the files, just upload and inform. Customer can download from client side order history. It is very useful when admin uploads large files!
  • Button to send copy of email to store administrator.
  • New column in history table "Files attached" (both in admin and client side).
  • Buttons in this column to download files.
  • Buttons in this column to delete files. Ajax.
  • Drag and drop files, preview images.
  • Image and file type thumbnails and image preview in admin and client area.
  • Manage orphaned files.
  • Possibility for customer to upload files to order history (option to turn on/off)!
  • Options to restrict allowed file size and type for customer uploads.
  • NEW: Possibility to specify how many days uploaded file is possible to download at client side (valid until, expire on).

English and Bulgarian translation included (включен е и български превод).

Demo site Opencart 3.x: user: demo, password: demo)
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