Language and Currency Geolocation

Language and Currency Geolocation
Detect visitor's language based on visitor's IP address. If your shop is a multilingual and it support a lot of currencies, this is the perfect extension for you.

The extension will detect the country of the user and it will try to select language and currency based on this.

Imagine the following scenario:
Your shop support English, German, Spanish languages
Your shop also has the following currencies: $, £, €

Isn't it better if the user is from UK see the shop with the language automatically set to English and currency set to £ or if the user is from Spain the language is set to Spanish and currency to €?

This extension does exactly that! Try it.

How to test it:
On the demo instance there are following currencies and languages:
Currencies: EUR, USD, GBP
Lang: English, Spanish, German

The shop default language is English with USD (standard Opencart install). You can visit directly or try one of the following test cases:

German & EUR

English and GBP

It will work only the first time, if you want to test multiple times, please clear your cookies

Few facts:
1. The extension uses my dedicated geoip service, which should be more reliable than free services which could stop at any time.
2. The extension check the visitor's ip only first time, then it store it in the cookie for 30 days.
3. If the visitor/customer come back sooner, the cookie will be updated for another 30 days period.


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