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Smart SEO


With Smart SEO you can improve you store's SEO, while having very little knowledge about. It will automatically generate SEF URLs and tiles, descriptions, meta data and tags, supports multiple languages and fixes a lot of minor SEO issues in OpenCart engine.

Smart SEO doesn't bother you with complex setup, it just works!


▸ Generates most things automatically (titles, tags, meta etc) and doesn't require any attention.
▸ Adds canonical URLs to all pages.
▸ Adds structured data markup (rich snippets) to products.
▸ Allows to add any header tag to description (h2, h3 etc) for better SEO.
▸ Makes pagination SEO friendly (page=2 -> page-2) and adds "rel" attributes to pagination links.
▸ Allows to define SEF URLs for any custom route (e.g: route=account/account -> /account).
▸ Generates SEF URLs from titles (e.g: Product Name -> product-name).
▸ Automatically transliterates SEF URLs for any language with support of custom characters.
▸ Adds optional language prefix to SEF URLs (e.g.:
▸ Allows to set custom name, description, tags and all meta data for products, categories etc.
▸ Adds "hreflang" tags to page header.
▸ Automatically fills data in admin forms (products, categories etc) for all languages from default language.
▸ Allows to set "page" and "tag" in SEF URLs for each language separately (e.g: "puslapis" and "zyme").
▸ Optional URL suffix (e.g.: .htm, .html, .coolsfx etc.).
▸ Supports unlimited number of products.
▸ Compatible with any theme, extension etc.
▸ Makes dozens of minor SEO improvements and fixes (SEF URLs for banners, nested category links etc).

Current version: 3.0.2 (change log)

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Smart SEO is probably the most user friendly SEO extension on OpenCart market. It does most things under the hood and doesn't burden you with additional setup. At the same time it provides full control for most important SEO features like "hreflang" tags, custom SEF URLs, multilingual support, custom name, title and description for all catalog items and much, much more. And the best part, Smart SEO price is 3 times lower, than similar extensions usually have!


Extension's settings can be found on the back-end of our demo site (username: demo, password: demo). Go to Extensions -> Modules and click Edit near Smart SEO extension. Go to front-end of our demo site to see, how selected SEO options are actually working.


You will find documentation on extension's page. For support us via email or forum.

NOTE: To install and use this extension on OpenCart 3 you must also install OpenCart 3 Compatibility Fixes.


Please, read our support terms before purchase.

What customers say about Smart SEO

This extension is 29,90$ + 20€ for Journal users if you don't know code. You have to say that you will want 20€ for minor customization for Journal Theme when anybody ask to you as me. Content of them support is just to say: See the documentation!


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