Irs FtpBypass OCMOD

Irs FtpBypass OCMOD
Irs Ftpbypass

1. Extensions contains upload directories and ocmod file in an single zipped file.

2. Extensions via Extension Installer reduces the time consumption of uploading each directory and then uploading ocmod extension.

3. Normally error message "FTP needs to be enabled in the settings" is displayed while trying to upload Zipped extensions via Extension Installer.

4. This Error States that the FTP support must be enabled to upload zipped extensions in your server.

5. Irs_Ftpbypass Extension Bypass the FTP enabling requirement for uploading file.

6. It allows Store Admin can upload or file without enabling FTP.

7. Once the Disable FTP checkbox is checked , it allows to upload files without the enabling FTP.

More detail :
You will find the installation.txt file and Demo folder in the ZIP file

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