Opencart Quick Login And Registration

Opencart Quick Login And Registration
Quick Login And Registration Quick Login and Registration is an Opencart module which allows the users to do the login & registration on the same page. The users don’t need to go to another page and fill in the details for login or registration. It saves the time of the users as they won’t have to sit and wait for another web page to load. The users can instantly enter their login or new user registration details in the pop-up window and continue shopping.


  • Setting up and configuring this module is very simple.
  • The admin can set the module status as enabled or disabled.
  • Security captcha can be enabled or disabled for the login & registration.
  • Login & registration can be done from any page of the store.
  • Users don’t require to visit another page for logging in or registration.
  • The user can continue and browse the same page after the login.
  • Quick Login & Registration module is based on Ajax technology.
  • The module supports multiple languages translation.

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