Smart E-wallet System and Payment Method Pro

Smart E-wallet System and Payment Method Pro
Smart E-wallet for OpenCart Store.
Smart Wallet System is an OpenCart extension that allows customers to add money to a website's wallet. Using the smart wallet system, customers can easily pay for their order and send it to another customer and even withdraw it back to the bank, according to which the amount will be deducted from the smart wallet.

In short, this extension adds a wallet and payment gateway to the customer's account. Using this e-wallet greatly improves the customer's purchases.

And on the admin side, the admin can set a minimum / maximum limit for adding / withdrawing and transferring money from the account. With it, the admin can set the email template text for the wallet transaction. The text of any error can be set according to different languages.

Main Features:
  • - Admin view, Delete or Search in Transaction List.
  • - Admin Can Credit / Debit Wallet To customer.
  • - Set Selected Payment Getaway for add Money.
  • - Set Maximum and Minimum for add money to wallet.
  • - Set Maximum and Minimum for Send money to Customer Wallet.
  • - Admin Can View all Customer Wallet Balance.
  • - Link to customer page with Search.
  • - Admin Get Customer Bank Detail.
  • - Set wallet Icon or Image.
  • - Can change Wallet Name.
  • - Change status pending, approve and reject for Add money Request.
  • - Change description and change to client transaction list.
  • - Send Order Refund amount to wallet.
  • ------------------------------------------------------------
  • - Add Money To wallet.
  • - Send Money to wallet.
  • - Email Notification on Each Transaction.
  • - Add Money to Wallet with Selected Payment Getaway.
  • - Use Wallet for Order System.
  • - Customer Can view All Credit / Debit Transaction.
  • - Date Filter in Transaction List.
  • - Wallet Display In all Page (in Header).
  • - Use wallet When order total more than wallet.

What's in New Update:
  • - Bug Fixed For reliability and speed.
  • - Text format of mail can be changed according to language from admin side.
  • - All error messages are dynamic according to the language.
  • - Added options to select gateways such as "Payment gateway to add money to wallet" and "Payment gateway for checkout".
  • - Added enable / disable option for all features (such as withdraw, add / send money etc.)
  • - Added all pages in admin left menu to open directly.
  • - Added voucher feature to add money.
  • - Now you can change the form of all bank details from admin side.
  • - Add sort-link at dashboard.
  • - Get List of Withdraw Request.
  • - Add Withdraw Request limit at module setting.
  • - In Add Transaction admin can Search User.
  • - Money Request page Description Bug Fixed.
  • - View order page admin can refund wallet amount to user by one click.
  • - Add Withdraw Request From.
  • - Create New Add Money checkout page.
  • - Date Filter in Transaction fixed.
  • - Add wallet menu link at Header account drop list.

Demo Site: Link
Password: demo

Admin Demo Site: Link
User: demo
Password: demo

What customers say about Smart E-wallet System and Payment Method Pro

Amazing Support , Recommended Thank you " Bhavik "
Best extensions ever, and communication was great! I made a request to fix issues and within minutes the adjustments were done and ready. Great experience! Friendly communication. I will recommend to everyone, Respect to the team!!!
I have been looking for a good module of wallet for a long time, now I have found this good module. I really like this, it's a great and wonderful module, and I also got quick support, thank you very much.


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