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Turn lost visitors into customers with the smartest exit intent tool. Increase conversions, sales and engagement.

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Exit Bee is a smart conversion optimization tool that helps you get the most out of your website visitors.

Exit Bee tracks the behaviour of each visitor and predicts the moment they’re about the abandon the website. You can recover those ‘lost’ visitors by targeting them with tailored campaigns and messages based on what they’ve done.

What you can do with Exit Bee:

* Build your email list faster than ever - Increase email subscriptions by 1,000% or more
* Decrease cart abandonment - Increase sales and revenue by recovering those who abandon the checkout process
* Promote products, offers or content - Keep visitors longer on your website and take them where you want them to be
* Increase social following and reach - Ask visitors to connect with you or share your content just before they leave the website
* Lead generation
* Surveys - Get valuable insights from your visitors by showing surveys at the right timevaluable insights from your visitors by showing surveys at the right time

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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25 Sep 2018

29 Mar 2017
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