PayApi Payments plugin for OpenCart

PayApi Payments plugin for OpenCart
NOTE: This plugin uses VQmod so it does not overwrite/replace any file on your store.
A valid SSL certificate is needed.

PCI DSS level 1 certified secure payments platform

The official PayApi extension for OpenCart. PayApi is a modern online payments platform provider providing merchants a secure and scalable payments routing platform for online and mobile consumers. PAYAPI SERVICE CAN BE USED FOR FREE. The smart payments routing is done between several payment gateways depending on multiple factors and with pre-processing through advanced anti-fraud system. The PayApi also integrates with patent-pending gesture based social sharing functionality that enables a unique social shopping experience for the consumers. PayApi is a limited liability company in London, Great Britain, Europe.

The extension includes a new payment gateway for the checkout process - The PayApi secure online payments. In next version, the extension will also add new UI components to your shop in order to enable the easy "Instant Buy" functionality and gesture-based social sharing of your products and shop contents to different social networks (patent pending).

Typical users of this extension are merchants that want to enable social shopping in their online store and to protect their online sales with advanced anti-fraud operations. Another use case has been the smart routing of payments between different payment gateways and controlling it all in a single backoffice (reporting, weight between payment gateways, fraud threshold, etc.).

By installing this extension and using the PayApi service - you will get the following:
  • Payments routing between different payment gateways
  • Smart routing of different type of payments, such as credit card (MasterCard, Visa, ...) and crypto-currency (Bitcoin)
  • Advanced anti-fraud operations for every payment: minimize your chargeback costs
  • Real-time reporting of payments with the PayApi backoffice
  • PCI DSS level 1 certified secure payments platform
  • Add easy-to-use "Instant Buy" functionality to your shop
  • Integrated seamless social sharing functionality: let your shop users to share anything from your shop
  • Partial Payments, boost your sales!


  • Upload your OpenCart version upload folder files to your store root directory.
  • [*] Go to your Store Admin area, extensions -> payments, and install/enable PayApi plugin

    NOTE: You need a PayApi account in order to use this plugin. You can get it for free at:


    This plugin is compatible with most of OpenCart templates (tested in Journal, Fastor and default).


    PayApi seeks to ensure the highest level of quality and security in all its services, but given the multitude of factors and their technical complexity, the services are provided 'as is', without any responsibility of whatsoever for any kind of loss or damage, of any character, from the use of the service provided herein.


    - For any questions and support matters, please contact us at

    Happy selling!

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