Download Options

Download Options
This extension adds support for product options for download files.

The user selects a product option value and, depending on the selection, the right file will be chosen for a later download from an user's account.


This extension requires the freely available Override Engine for Opencart.


Simply unzip and then upload the folders and files from the 'upload' directory to your OpenCart server's main directory via FTP.

Or use OpenCart's extension installer via its admin backend at Extensions > Extension Installer > Upload.

Usage Example

Assuming a downloadable product has the following 2 required single-choice options:

  • 'Version' with the values '', '' and ''
  • 'Theme' with the values 'Standard' and 'Journal'

This would require 6 corresponding downloadable files associated with that product where the file name masks have sub-strings matching up with the various option values:

  • ''
  • ''
  • ''
  • ''
  • ''
  • ''

Each file name mask must have matching sub-strings for all selected single-choice option values.

All of the product's single-choice options of types 'select', 'radio' or 'image' must be used for this, and they must all be set to 'required'.

A file name mask is considered to contain a matching option value when the latter, after replacing dots and blanks ('.' and ' ') with hyphens ('-'), can be found as a sub-string in the file name mask.

Further help and customized versions

This extension has been successfully tested for a standard OpenCart Don't use it on older OpenCart versions.

If you need a customized version of this extension, let us know and we can create one for a charge.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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8 Apr 2017
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