Opencart eBay Connector

Opencart eBay Connector
Opencart eBay Connector integrates eBay store with Opencart store. With the help of this extension, the admin can import products, categories, and orders from eBay to Opencart. The eBay connector even allows the admin to export products from Opencart to eBay.

Add, edit and manage multiple eBay accounts for mapping products, categories, and orders. Provide additional information for the exported products such as – eBay specification, conditions, shipping, tax, return policy, dispatch time, listing details.

Supports mapping of products having multiple options/variations such as colors, sizes, etc.

Real-time update for exported product’s name, price, description, quantity, conditions, variations in eBay. When an exported product becomes unlisted on eBay, the admin can relist the same from Opencart.

Opencart eBay Connector extension also works with the eBay Motors category. Here we will explain how to import and export the products from eBay Motors.

User Case
Suppose you sell your products on multiple e-commerce websites. But managing product inventories, order on different websites becomes a difficult task.

With the use of eBay Connector, the admin can easily integrate the eBay store with the Opencart store. This will help to manage the products and their sales from a single location.

The products added to eBay can be easily be imported to the Opencart store and vice-versa. This reduces the hassle of adding products to different stores separately.

Whenever a product is sold on eBay, the stocks get updated in the Opencart store for the mapped products.

  • Add multiple eBay accounts and do synchronization.
  • Real-time synchronization of events like add the item, revised item, sold the item and remove the item.
  • Import products, orders, and categories from eBay.
  • The admin can create multiple price rules to update the price of the synced products automatically.
  • Can even bulk upload the price rules via CSV file.
  • Import/update a single product using it’s eBay Item Id.
  • Can import the multiple images of the eBay imported product to the Opencart store.
  • Import a single order using the eBay Order Id.
  • View a complete list of eBay Categories, eBay Specifications, and eBay Conditions imported with an option to delete each respective imported Category, Specification, and Condition.
  • The admin can create eBay Template Listing to export the product’s additional information along with the product.
  • Export products from Opencart store to eBay store.
  • Do mapping for products having variations/options.
  • View result after every synchronization process.
  • Map complete information about products, orders, and categories.
  • The exported scheduled product will be visible at the eBay site at the configured date and time.
  • Include shipping & additional shipping costs for exported products.
  • Add tax information with exported products.
  • Real-time updates for exported products – condition, variation, price, name, description.
  • Define return policy details for exported products – return days, pay by, other info.
  • Configure eBay listing options for exported products.
  • Relist the exported product from Opencart backend.
  • Select sub-categories to map from eBay to Opencart.
  • Set the number of records to sync during mapping.
  • Set the default number of category rows to fetch from eBay.
  • Use sandbox mode for testing or debugging.
  • Works with eBay Motors (US) also.
  • The admin can create multiple price/quantity Rule to update the price/quantity of the sync products automatically.
  • There is a separate option of map product data for the mapping of Opencart product data to the multiple eBay store.

Video Tutorials

Module Configuration

Module Workflow

The admin can add any eBay account by adding various IDs and credentials as shown in the image below.

The admin can also configure multiple settings like- Import Category setting, product setting, return policy, item listing option, dispatch option, payment option, default shipping, order sync, price rule, real-time event and sync product to multiple stores.

This module allows the admin to export the product’s additional information along with the product as per the choice. For this, the admin needs to create the eBay Template Listing as per the below image.

The admin can manage and create the various accounts of eBay from the eBay account section as shown in the image below.

Under the manage eBay account, the admin can map the category and the subcategory with eBay as shown in the image below.

The admin can map products and import/update the products from eBay as shown in the image below.

The admin can map orders which are imported from eBay to Opencart as shown in the image below.

The admin can export the products from the Opencart to eBay.The following page will open as shown.

Through eBay Scheduling, the user can select a product from the product list and export it to the eBay store. The scheduled product will be visible to the customers at the eBay site on the configured date and time. The following can be configured as shown.

The admin can check all the imported categories from eBay in the eBay Category List as shown in the image below.

The imported specifications will be displayed under the eBay Specification list as shown in the image below.

The various imported conditions(new, refurbished and tags) are listed under the eBay Condition List section as shown below.

The admin can view all the products which are sync from the eBay store to the Opencart store.

The admin can view and create multiple price/quantity rules as shown.

The admin can view the entire mapped product data at the eBay store and also can add/edit them.

The admin can view the custom categories imported at the eBay store by using the eBay custom category option and also can import custom categories from the multiple eBay stores.

Opencart exported product on eBay

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Support Policy

What customers say about Opencart eBay Connector

Did not work and ignored my support request
It never worked, I asked for a refund, and I was refused, only bugs come out, I have not worked for more than two weeks, and they can not solve anything, as soon as they say it's solved I immediately get another bug, the form does not work, I do not advise you to acquire it.
This has great potential to be a really good module it's just lacks some crucial functionality to make usable. Its also not very user friendly. It's ok if you are only working with a few products but impossible to use if you have hundreds or thousands as nothing can be setup or controlled at a global level, it's all done at individual product level.


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