Form Builder Pro - Multi Form Creator

Form Builder Pro - Multi Form Creator

Quickly and easily, create any type of form you want. By using form builder create the form with any type of fields you want, make them require if necessary and set the custom error message for required fields.

Now embedded forms and popup forms are combined in single extension. Now you can embed form at any page or show form as popup at any page. In addition you can also make a button on product page, when user will click on particular button then form popup will show. Can show different forms for different products or show forms using advanced rules. Like same form on all products or show form on particular products. Apart from product page you can show form at any opencart page, also include third party module pages as well.

As soon as customer or guest submits that form, an e-mail goes to admin and save that form response to show as a report to admin. Create any type of form like survey, reservation, advertising, quick contact, support ticket, refund, register product etc.

This module is also ready for Opencart 4x

Admin Features - Build Unlimited Form with multiple fields
Create Unlimited Form.
Add Multi Language & Unlimited Fields for each Form.
Show Embed Form In separate page
Show Embed Form at any page using default opencart layout system
Show Form as Popup for different products
Show Form Popup at any page using JavaScript function (Definition in admin)
Manage fields position using drag and drop, choose field type from multiple options like select, radio, checkbox, date, time, date & time, email, password, file, etc.
Customize success page content show after form submit
Set form validation error with message
Assign form to different layout at different pages
Embed different forms at different information pages or one form on all information pages
Option To manage number of files for File Upload Field Type File.
Option To send uploaded files of form in email attachment to customer and admin.
Add Image/Icon for each field label
Add Image/color for checkbox & radio toggles buttons
Manage Auto fill Customer Fields
option to set alignment for field label
Manage form fields sort order by Drag & Drop
Add Custom CSS For each form

Admin Features - Email Template
Create HTML Email Template for Admin and Customer Email
Send Form Fields Information in Email using short code
Send Form Information, Store Information, Customer/Guest Information in Email
Option to Send Attachment in email for file type field

Admin Features - Form Submission Records
See list of all form submissions in admin
Export PDF for multiple Submitted Forms for Opencart 2.3x, 3x
Export Submitted Forms In Excel for Opencart 2.3x, 3x
Admin can edit submitted Form Data.
In Single Record Admin can download all attachments with single click on button.
Image attachments can be preview without download
Add Multiple Status History for Form Record
Mark as Pending or Complete status for Form Record
Admin can also reply to those who submitted the form.

Customer/Guest Features
Separate Form Page In front-end
form can be show in homepage, product page, category page, information pages & etc. using default layout system
Form can be show in information page after description
Auto fill Customer Fields in Form' Fields like (Full Customer Name, First Name, Last Name, Telephone, Address & etc.)
Show Image/Icon for each Field Label
Show Image/color for checkbox & radio toggles buttons
Supported Google Captcha & Basic Captcha
Only Customer can view their submitted form in account panel.
Send Product Information in Email when user submit a popup form from Product Page.
Run Google Analytics code on-click submit button of form.
Responsive Form Design

Supported with All Major Opencart Themes in Opencart 2x, 3x
Journal 3 Compatible in Opencart 2x, 3x
Journal 2 Compatible in Opencart 2x, 3x
Fastor Theme Compatible in Opencart 3x
SEO Friendly URL's
Multi Language, Multi Store
Easy Installation with Extension Installer
Use own set of files, hence not change any core file
All Versions Compatible (1.5x, 2.0x, 2.1x, 2.2x, 2.3x, 3x, 4x)
One Time Free Installation Support is provided
Quick and reliable support

All Themes Compatible
Many More New Features Available

Supported Opencart Versions
All - 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.1x, 2.2x, 2.3.x, 3.x & 4.x Opencart versions

Latest Extension Version
3.0 Version

✫ Select Type
    ✦ Single Selection
    ✦ Multiple Selections
    ✦ Radio (Simple)
    ✦ Toggle Button (Radio)
    ✦ Checkbox (Simple)
    ✦ Switch Button (Checkbox)
    ✦ Toggle Button (Checkbox)

Input Type
    ✦ Text
    ✦ Multiple Input Text
    ✦ Textarea
    ✦ Number
    ✦ Telephone
    ✦ First Name
    ✦ Last Name
    ✦ Email
    ✦ Email Exists
    ✦ Password
    ✦ Confirm Password

Date Type
    ✦ Date
    ✦ Time
    ✦ Date & Time

Localisation Type
    ✦ Country
    ✦ Zone
    ✦ Postcode
    ✦ Address

    ✦ Heading Title


Horizontal Line

Google Map

Display Message

File Type (Multiple File Upload)
    ✦ Drag & Drop File Upload

    ✦ Basic Captcha
    ✦ Google Re-CAPTCHA

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What customers say about Form Builder Pro - Multi Form Creator

Great module that works well. Had a question and got a fast reply and solution. :-)
Once you get the hang of it, it is a breeze to make forms. support was very quick and effective with an initial problem. would highly recommend if you're looking for forms on your site.
Works great for creating custom forms.


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