CR2 Alter Menu

CR2 Alter Menu
The module allows the user to modify OpenCart’s main menu by adding or replacing the predefined links with user defined links. All customizations are applied transparently on each page display using JavaScript *** no Vqmod *** no file editing ***

  • advanced shortcodes for automatic inclusion of built-in OpenCart content (added in 0.9.5)
    > store categories / top categories (via drop down menu)
    > specific category and its sub-categories (via drop down menu) (added in 0.9.6)
    > store information pages / footer information pages (via drop down menu)
    > store manufacturers (via drop down menu)
    > automatic link for account, cart and contact pages
  • mobile menu support for responsive themes (added in 0.9.6)
  • define your own links in the main menu (links to pages, categories, areas of OpenCart)
  • add the custom links by appending them to the existing menu, either at the beginning or the end of the menu
  • completely replace the existing menu with custom links
  • all link labels (the visible text in the link) are localizable (you will be able to add different labels for each language defined in your shop)
  • advanced configuration making the module compatible with almost all custom themes, as long as the area containing the menu has and ID or a site-wide unique classname

(!) Please read the important notes in the Documentation tab.

Known limitations:
    - No dropdown/submenus for custom items - custom links cannot be added as submenu/dropdown items
    - The module requires JavaScript enabled in the visitor's browser. It will not process/replace the menu for users which have disabled JavaScript in their browsers.
    - Appending mode is likely to be less compatible with custom themes than replacing mode.
    - The module will display the same menu on all stores in a multi-store setup.
    - Mobile menu currently supports only <select> containers.

Support and configuration manual:

tested with OpenCart 1.5.1.x to (and any version in between except 1.5.5, which requires one line change).
1.5.0.x and 1.4.x are not supported.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,, 1.5.4,,, 1.5.6,,,,

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