Customer Group Price

Customer Group Price

Customer Group Price extension allowed store owners to setup product price target to separate customer groups, assigning reliable price to each customer groups help to boast sales of store.
A store product price is not same for every type of consumer for example: retail price is always close to MRP whereas, wholesale price of same item at discounted price let says 30-35% lesser than retail price. Setting up product price for business user and end buyer separately helps to incline overall revenue from sales.

This extension bring a new section to assign price to each customer group next to product default price, if any customer group price field is empty then default product price applicable to particular customer group.

Setting up group prices for each product is mammoth task and require enormous amount if setting up one by one by human to mitigate this problem extension comes with import/export functionality that drastically reduce time to setup product price for each customer group.

Manage prices at ground level on product form
Control status of group price globally
Help business to target potential business users
Super user friendly interface for admin
Helps in setting up product options prices for customer groups
No requirement to educate yourself to configure module
Auto apply price based on logged customer group
Guest users see Default customer group price
Default product price applicable when customer group price not available
Export product prices to customer group
Easy learn how to prepare excel to import group
Bulk Update Customer Groups Prices
No core file change or replace
Quick and reliable support

Configure Product Base Price for each Customer Group.
Go to Admin >> Catalog >> Products >> Edit Product >> Data Tab >> Price.

Configure Product Option Value for each Customer Group.
Go to Admin >> Catalog >> Products >> Edit Product >> Option Tab >> Select Option >> Price.

Output: Default Customer Group Price

Output: VIP Customer Group Price

Default Customer Group Account:
Password: test

VIP Customer Group Account:
Password: test

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