Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons


Advanced Coupons is a huge improvement to default Coupons extension, which adds tons of new options. You will be able to limit your coupons to manufacturers, customers, customer groups, stores and geo zones, disable or recalculate coupons for products with specials or discounts, set discount cap and much, much more.


▸ Fully customizable Filters section to quickly find a desired coupon.
▸ Expanded coupons list with additional sorting and customizable columns.
▸ Batch processing for coupons: copy, delete, toggle status.
▸ Discount Cap to limit discount amount for particular coupon, if discount value is set in percent.
▸ Maximum cart subtotal, when coupon stays available.
▸ Per cart or per product quantity limit with different options (equal, equal or more, less, less or more).
▸ Manufacturers filter for each coupon separately.
▸ Customers filter for each coupon separately.
▸ Different actions for every filter (product, category etc): do nothing, include or exclude.
▸ Coupons can be assigned to specific customer groups, stores or geo zones.
▸ An option to apply, not apply or recalculate coupons for products with discounts or specials.
▸ Customizable title in order totals list with optional coupon name, code or discount value.
▸ Disable coupon, if specified payment, shipping or order total is selected on checkout.
▸ Hide Coupon order total and add it to another order total by your choice.
▸ Improved coupon checking and discount calculation.
▸ Improved coupon editing form with additional functionality and better hints.
▸ Doesn't replace default Coupons extension, but instead smoothly integrates in it.
▸ Can be quickly turned on/off to get back to default Coupons without loosing any data.

Current version: 3.0.1 (change log)


Advanced Coupons is the most feature rich coupon manager. It allows you to create more flexible coupons in a matter of minutes and they all will be processed properly. You can give a discount for specific manufacturers or customers, limit coupon availability to local customers only, avoid over-discounting, create filters more easily and do a lot of other things. Do you have a lot of products and tired of adding most of them to coupons? With Advanced Coupons you can add only unavailable products and exclude them from discount. Don't want to discount too much? Set discount cap and define order totals, which already give a discount on checkout. Coupon combinations are literally limitless.

Advanced Coupons combines at least 10 coupon related extensions in one!


You can check, how coupons work on our demo site demo site. Use 111, 222 or any other available coupon code.

Extension settings can be found in Marketing -> Advanced Coupons section on backend of our demo site (username: demo, password: demo).


You will find documentation on extension's page. For support us via email or forum.

NOTE: To install and use this extension on OpenCart 3 you must also install OpenCart 3 Compatibility Fixes.


Please, read our support terms before purchase.

What customers say about Advanced Coupons

- The support team is good for nothing. Only one-line confusing replies from the team. Its better to figure out the issue on your own. - The extension is only valid for 6 months. This is missing on the Opencart extension page before the customer decides to purchase the plugin. - The Advanced Coupons Order History will only apply to COD.
The module works well but don't expect good support from them. All I wanted was to uninstall it and on asking how to do that this was the developer response to that: "The same way you uninstall any other extension." & "Just do the opposite of installation.".
Coupons wont added to Order History. Developer don't want to fix it. Must be custom (paid) service. (for external Payment Methods like PayPal) only Internal like COD are working.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 6 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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