LiveChat - live chat software for OpenCart

LiveChat - live chat software for OpenCart
LiveChat is a live chat and help desk service which allows you to help your visitors in real time. Rather than watching potential customers click away from the website, provide immediate assistance when questions arise and walk them through the purchase process.

With LiveChat, questions like what is your return policy or how much does shipping cost can be answered promptly, leading to provide excellent customer service and increase in sales.

LiveChat empowers you with the tools you need to identify and reach to best prospects and regular customers as they come by. Real-time metrics and live visitor monitoring show you who’s interacting with your site by providing details such as the origin of a customer’s visit, browsing history and time spent on any given page.

Grab your website visitors’ attention with proactive chat invitations, provide all the necessary information and build trusting relationships with them through live chat. With a built-in ticketing feature, you can receive messages even when you're offline and track customer cases that couldn't be resolved in a single chat. And if you’re away from your desk, mobile LiveChat apps for iOS and Android will help you chat with customers wherever you are.

With this integration, you’ll be able to add live chat to every page of your store, including the checkout, in minutes. It also provides your customers’ cart details during a chat.

The extension is free, but you need a license of LiveChat to work with it. Available plans and pricing are listed here .

LiveChat comes with a 14-day trial. Try LiveChat for free. No Credit Card, No Commitments!

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