Sold Together - Also Bought

Sold Together  - Also Bought

Sold Together - Also Bought is the cross selling extension that automatically predicts what customers might want to buy after viewing the current product page.

The extension combines data from other customer orders and suggests a list of products that have a high correlation with the current product.

The entire process if fully automated and it's much more precise than the "Related products" feature that comes with Opencart.

Imagine a shop with thousands of products. It would be impossible to manually relate products each other and you would probably also relate some product incorrectly.

By contrast, Sold Together provides a more reliable list of products generated automatically by real orders and real customers.

If the shop doesn't have orders yet or a new product was added to the catalog, the extension returns a list of products from the same product category and if nothing found, it returns a random list of products.


The extension works like the Amazon feature Customers who bought this product also bought..., it comes with two different algorithms that work in two slightly different ways (you can choose either one or the other, depending or your needs).

  • SOLD TOGETHER Algorithm
    This algorithm shows products bought by other customers TOGETHER (in the same order) with the currently viewed product;

  • ALSO BOUGHT Algorithm
    This algorithm doesn't search for products to display only in orders containing the currently viewed product. When it finds a customer order containing that product, it also checks all the other orders of that customer and marks all the products of those orders as potential products to recommend.
    In other words the ALSO BOUGHT Algorithm extends the SOLD TOGETHER Algorithm, product correlations are weaker but in some types of shops (where products are almost all of the same kind, video games for example) it's very effective.

This simple example explains how the two algorithms work.


★ It works exactly like the Amazon product recommendation system (Customers who bought this product also bought ... ).

Fully automated, you only have to install it and the extension will do all the work for you.

It's fast. Already fully tested on stores with thousands of orders and customers.

It boosts sales by up to 30%. Smart product suggestions push users to purchase products they were not even willing to search or to buy.

It's the only extension with two recommendation algorithms, to better suit any type of shop.

it incresases user-activity and sales. According to Amazon statistics, this kind of recommendation system increases sales up to 30%.

It improves user experience. The products he likely needs to buy are all in the same product page.

It has a 3-step product suggestion system:

  • First attempt : return products with the selected algorithm (SOLD TOGETHER or ALSO BOUGHT algorithms).
  • Second attempt: return products from the same product category.
  • Third attempt: return random products.

(The second and the third steps are executed only if a product wasn't bought yet and thus there are no orders to scan)

Compatible with any theme. If you are a web designer, forget headaches about customizing your theme, the extension does all the job for you.


Multi language, the module heading can be translated directly from the control panel, no need to edit any language file.

Compatible with OCMod and vQmod.

Any questions? Contact us!

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