t-appz Native App Platform for Opencart

t-appz Native App Platform for Opencart
Recommended by the world’s leading retailers, t-appz is a native app builder enabling your e-commerce businesses to go mobile on the Opencart platform. t-appz is so simple to integrate and can be ready in less than a day! Just enter your link and watch t-appz upload your products to your mobile website. t-appz offers an integrated 5-step wizard facilitating app designing, developing and publishing process whether you are a small or a mid-size enterprise.

t-appz works perfectly with your Payment Service Provider (PayPal, Stripe, etc.) And once your customers purchase the items, you can track the orders on your Opencart Admin Panel, without the hassle of switching to another interface.

Our solution enables you to track and improve your app’s performance through effective analytical tools. In addition to store monitoring, t-appz is pre-equipped with a push notification platform to send & track targeted notifications to your customers. As a result, you can create personalized interaction with your customers to enhance user experience.

t-appz differs from other solutions by offering 100% native mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms with a genuinely easy-to-use dashboard and cutting off a good chunk of the actual app making time.

· No coding/development required
· All-in-one (Themes, design alternatives, integration tools)
· Track & monitor app performance (Strong analytical tools)
· Affordable (Pricing starts from $199 per month)

How Does t-appz Work?

1.Integrate your Website to your New Mobile App
Choose your cart from our list of over 30 pre-integrated carts, or integrate with your own platform. Start with simply entering your link to match up your e-commerce site with our system.

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2. Determine your App Design
Design and personalize your mobile store from the many alternatives we prepared for you. Choose how you want your home page and product listings to look like for both iOS and Android.

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3. Determine your App Features
Chose the most suitable features for your app from a comprehensive features list

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4. Preview & Publish
Preview your app on iOS and Android when the designing process is complete. If you like what you see, send yourself a test link to run a final check on your devices before you upload your app to the stores.

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You can also watch our video and see how simple the integration is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v4d2izoqBE

Why t-appz?

User-Friendly Design
The new and improved App Wizard is a straightforward and user-friendly dashboard, making the design so much fun! With the fully guided screens, you can create your brand profile, select or customize colors and choose from homepage and product listing options. Designing a mobile application has never been this easy.

Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics E-commerce Tracking Tool allows businesses to track and monitor how their sales figures change for specific items, check out types, time periods and more. Analyze the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts while capturing behavioral data to optimize mobile shopping experiences for your customers, while increasing conversion rates.

Google Tag Manager Integration
Better manage your manually-written and hard-coded tags for your native m-commerce apps by replacing them with the dynamic tagging system offered by the tag manager. Google Tag Manager integration ensures security, speed and high performance, working perfectly with your native m-commerce app’s infrastructure. Enjoy error-free tag management for your m-commerce app with less effort and improved accuracy.

Real-Time Store Monitoring
After your application is launched in app stores, you can view all of your store accounts (Google Play and App Store) from a single platform, saving loads of time from switching back and forth between your accounts, when using other platforms. t-appz also lets you follow your daily download statistics and break down your values through a variety of filters. You can review your app ratings and comments, facilitating the improvement of your app for better customer engagement.

App Analytics
Analyze and improve your customer engagement efforts. Track the performance of your push notifications by device type: average usage time, active and new users, open rates. Evaluate responsiveness to your push notifications and improve for future campaigns.

Payment Options
Offer your customers a variety of payment methods including money transfer, credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay and cash on delivery.

Test Automation
Your app is tested on 100+ iOS/Android devices running on almost all operating system versions. This is a premium service that is provided with t-appz at no cost and saves you from any problem that might arise from dysfunctional scenarios. The test monitoring system detects and solves any bugs your application may have a large chain of devices and operating systems.

For further assistance, please email us at support@t-appz.com
We’d be happy to help you in any way possible through your t-appz experience.

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