Quantity per Option 2

Quantity per Option 2
The module is designed to make adding product items with different options to the shopping cart easier and faster for customers.

Main features of Quantity per Option:

  • display separate "Quantity" inputs for option values on the product page in the customer section
  • add product items having different options to the shopping cart at once (accordingly to the entered quantities)
  • work with option types "Radio" and "Select"
  • can be enabled/disabled for every option separately (by the specific checkbox on the option edit page)
  • set default quantities for product option values (optional)
  • compatible and recommended to use with Live Price or Live Price PRO
  • compatible with Related Options and Related Options PRO
  • compatible with Parent-child Options


This is a module version for OpenCart 2.x, for OpenCart 3.x please use Quantity per Option 3


Demo admin section:
login/pass: demo/demo

We also recommend:
  • Live Price (recommended for live price update)
  • Live Price PRO improved version of Live Price module (global discounts/specials, percentage)
  • Related Options - to create combinations of related product options and set stock, price, model etc. for each combination. This functionality can be useful for sales of products, having interlinked options, such as size and color for clothes
  • Related Options PRO - improved premium version or Related Options module, which allows to create different combinations of options values per one product.
  • Product Options Image PRO - to set few images for each option value and show this images on the product page in dependence of selected option value.
  • Improved Options - to set SKU, model (product code), description for each product option value and set default product option values that should be selected, when customer opens product page.
    Parent-child Options to show/hide child options (options groups) depending on selected parent options values.

Contact for support, questions and suggestions: support@liveopencart.com


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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