Quick n Easy Checkout - The best ajax checkout on Opencart

Quick n Easy Checkout - The best ajax checkout on Opencart
Super easy install in few seconds -> VIDEO
Compatible with all external payment/shipping methods
Compatible with all external templates (Journal 2, Journal 3, Shoppica, Pavillion...)
Put SEO Friendly URL to checkout (multilanguage compatible in Opencart 3.x)
Layout 100% customizable: Change your colors, positions, icons to where and how you want them.
Optimized to fit a mobile phone, tablet or computer for a quick checkout.
You can have a different layout for Guests or Logged-in users.
Forms are 100% customizable.
Interface is 100% translatable in the administration.
with: Facebook, Paypal, Linkedin or Google+.
Autocomplete addresses with Google Maps API.
Auto detect client’s Country/Zone by GEO IP on their first visit in checkout.
Validate forms in popups option.
Customizable images for payment/shipping methods.
Compatible with custom fields.
Animated steps in top.
Intuitive step validations.
Go to checkout just after add a product to shopping cart.
Custom code zone area in admin zone.

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What customers say about Quick n Easy Checkout - The best ajax checkout on Opencart

Excellent support, initially there were some configuration issues from Google for UK & Sweden but upon paying for additional support these issues were quickly resolved. A great module which beat other one page checkouts hands down!
Works perfectly, support too fast! I highly recommend it. Thanks for everything!
Highly recommended, excellent support and product! of the best in Opencart.


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