OpenCart User Access Notification + Telegram (

OpenCart User Access Notification + Telegram (
This plugin developed by is very useful as for administrators of OpenCart websites. It sends notifications about successful and failed login actions. If someone wants to hack or bruteforce the passwords of your administrator account, you will get full information about the attacker. It will show you IP address, Browser and Location (city and country) of the hacker. If hacker is lucky and he got your password, you will get notification about it. What you need to do, just change the password. Without this plugin hackers can use your accounts for a long time and you will not know about it.

Plugin sends notifications by email after successful and failed login actions with detailed information about the user and his location.

Main features:
- Easy to install, easy to use.
- Does not require extra configuration.
- Catches successful and failed login actions.
- Sends notifications to the administrator by email and by Telegram.
- Shows Date/Time of access action, Browser, IP address, Location (City, Country).
- Doesn't allow to the hackers to use your accounts and passwords.
- Free support

Free support
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Great and free!

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