Canned Messages

Canned Messages
This admin module allows you to create as many "canned" message as you want to send to your customers from the order page. It also allows you to insert a number of different database fields automatically into the message.

How to install:
- Download ZIP archive
- Go to Extensions > Extension Installer
- Find ZIP file and select it
- Go to Extensions > Modifications
- Click the Refresh Button in the top right corner

The module also contains the ability to put order information into the canned messages.

{Store} = Store name
{Firstname} = Customer's first name
{Lastname} = Customer's last name
{Date} = Date of order
{Payment} = Payment method
{Order} = Order #
{Total} = Total order value

There are quite a few other modules are out there doing very similar things but they are all pay to use - or missing functionality I wanted.

This is a rewrite of bogdanbrudiu's module with some additions from a module I wrote for osCommerce.

I have updated the code base to, tidied it up a fair amount and added in the ability to switch in order information data.

What customers say about Canned Messages

Very bad, My shop was disrupted because of it and I made a great effort to clear the modifications that hit the store files.

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