PayPal Standard and PayPal Express payment in local currency

PayPal Standard and PayPal Express payment in local currency
PayPal Standard and PayPal Express payment in local currency.
Fix PayPal currencies are not supported
This extension is used when PayPal Standard and PayPal Express does not support your currency
Works with all local currencies

You can make payments with PayPal Standard and PayPal Express with local currency.
Converts local currency to the currency held by PayPal.
Payment shall be made in the currency of PayPal.

We recommend the use of PayPal Standard.
If you have an older version of the OC you can visit the following link

PayPal Standard and PayPal Express can be used together

Installation - OCMOD.ZIP
1. Turn PayPal Standard or PayPal Express .
2. Select one main currency of payment you will use to PayPal (see Notes)
3. Add the selected base currency in your store.
4. To install this mod go to your OpenCart Admin panel -> Extensions -> Installer.
5. Click the Upload button and select the currency.* file.
6. You should get a green message saying: "Success: You have modified extensions!”.
7. Now navigate to Extensions > Modifications and click on the Refresh button at the top right corner of the screen.
This is it.

You can only have one main PayPal currency in which to convert your local currency.
Main currency you will use a PayPal payment must be entered in your OpenCart, to automatically convert the course.
There are ready files for USD, EUR, GBP, CHF, JPY
If you need any other major currency can easily change one of the files as line 24 characters to replace currency.
For example, in order to file "currency.pps.usd.ocmod.xml" 24 replace 'USD' with 'HKD'

Gift - PayPal Standard Version - USD, EUR, GBP - no support

Support is done only by email
Contact US
If you have a problem we will be happy to help


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