Handling Fee Based On Order Total

Handling Fee Based On Order Total

Default Opencart fee has very limited way to put handling changes over customer order. Sometimes we may need to add handling/payment fee only to certain group of customers only and on particular payment method. Sometime you want to set payment method charge individually. Thus, this extension is handy for this type of charges. You can decide the fee name as well just instead of handling fee.
Its really not your cost at the end of the day - so tell the customer this by showing an extra fee. So that you can make the price lower for the options you are not charged on.

good for you as well as good for the customers
Create unlimited rules according to the total shopping cart, rules based on customer group, payment method, total range, and many more. Set multiple rules like:
1. Customer group “default” choose payment method “bank transfer”add 5 % fee when total shopping cart amount between $100 and $300
2. Customer group “default”choose payment method “Authorize.Net (AIM)” addflatfee when total shopping cart amount between $800 and $1500
3. Customer group “wholesaler” choose payment method “Authorize.Net (AIM)” add 5% fee when total shopping cart amount between $500 and $800.
Also set priority of rule against each rule
The fee automatically appears in the shopping cart if rules get a match (like other tax, shipping or fees).

Create unlimited fee rules match with total shopping cart
Handling fee according to customer group
Handling fee according to payment method
Rule priority
Handling fee add when rule match as per setting In admin
Support flat and percentage fee type
Choose tax class that will apply
Choose customer or guest or both
Simple & easy to use admin interface
Multi Store
Easy to install & use
Use OpenCart module system (no core file changes)
Quick and reliable support

Contact for free installation and best support.
We support our clients and help them to install and understand how to use this extension.

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