Register Form Manager

Register Form Manager

Make Registration process simple, small and fast.

Register form manager simplifies the registration process of customer. You can ask only a few things from the customer that is required and rest can fill after registration. Show/Hide any fields; make required any field in register form and checkout page except email and password fields because these are mandatory. This extension replaces OpenCart default long registration form into the simple, small and fast registration form.

This extension is updated version of register form manager and uses AJAX for the registration process. It means no page refresh when customer trying to register and got some errors or successfully create account.

Flexible admin configuration
Manage each field of register form (Show / Hide, Required / Not Required)
Custom fields supported, custom fields work as it is
Same register page URL and no core file change/delete/alter
Major themes supported and all other themes compatible
AJAX based registration process
Set custom success messages for approved and non-approved account
Fast loading and validation process
Work on checkout page (Guest Checkout and registration on page)
Multi-store supported
Multi-language supported
Use own set of files, hence not change any core file
Quick and reliable support

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What customers say about Register Form Manager

big loy
The authors are the best artists. Their extensions are very excellent, so you don't need to worry about various bugs and errors. They carefully make extensions of various complex functions. I think it should be their talent and enthusiasm! excellent
~big loy
junk, not functional
***** I recommend it to everyone!


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25 Jun 2024

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