(2.x/3.x) Change Requires Shipping to Free Shipping

(2.x/3.x) Change Requires Shipping to Free Shipping

Current Version: v302.1 (release notes)

OpenCart Versions: 2.0.1.x - 3.0.3.x

This extension will change the "Requires Shipping" field in the product data to a "Free Shipping" field.

  • Upload and go — utilizes ocMod so no core file modifications are necessary.

  • Re-purposes the "Requires Shipping" field to a "Free Shipping" field, meaning no database changes or additions are required.

  • Products marked as "Free Shipping" will not affect shipping calculations.

  • Give free shipping both when a certain total is reached, and if all products in the cart are marked as "Free Shipping" — if all products are marked as "Free Shipping", then the built-in Free Shipping method will be available during checkout, regardless of its "Total" setting.

  • For more complex criteria in how you determine Free Shipping, take a look at Free Shipping Plus.

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Great mod, quick and easy setup, works just like it is expected


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