Estimate Shipping

Estimate Shipping

Here's a beautifully simple and clean-looking extension to show customers the estimated shipping rate to anywhere in the world! Impress your customers with this really clever and nifty extension.
This means that customers can get an accurate estimate of shipping fees based on their location, allowing them to make informed decisions about their purchases.
Key Benefits for Customers:
+ Cost Transparency:
"Estimate Shipping" provides customers with upfront information on shipping costs. This transparency is essential for building trust and ensuring that customers have a clear understanding of their total expenses.
+ Time-Saving:
Shoppers can quickly assess the affordability of their desired items without navigating through the entire checkout process.
+ Location-Specific Information:
Different locations often have varying shipping rates. This tool considers the customer's specific address, providing accurate and location-specific shipping estimates.

Simple to use: just install, and configure what data fields you want shown and where:
choose your shipping department's location
choose whether to show Estimate as Popup on product tab, or
Show button below add to cart button and POPUP FORM
enter the wording you want on your button (e.g. Estimate Shipping)
click on which fields you want shown and/or obligatory:country, region/state, postal code, city, address to ship to

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