Customer Group Product

Customer Group Product

Create Products Based On Customer Group.
Assign product to particular customer group using this extension.
Customer group product ODMOD is easy to install using the OpenCart Extension Installer for 2x or greater versions. For 1.5x versions using VQMOD.
With this extension, you can show the separate product to different customer groups in your store. For example, you want to show product A to your premium customers only. When other members trying to see Product A then it shows not found a page.
This extension helps you to handle different products for different customer groups. You do not need to create the separate store for special customers.

* Compatible With Journal2, Journal3 Theme
* Compatible With Fastor, Shoppica and other major OpenCart themes
* Manage separate products for each customer group
* Sell special products to special customer only
* More tightly grip over products who can view the product and who not.
* Quick Support
* Use OCMOD XML for easy installation
* Use VQMOD XML for vqmod support
* No core file modification

Experience How Extension Works And Look In A Live Website

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Customer Group - Default
pass: jade@123

Customer Group - Whole Seller
pass: jade@123

Admin Login
User: demo
Password: demo

Note: Sometimes extension not functional as expected due to theme structure or some conflicts. If this is the case with you? Contact us at support email. Issues get addressed based on complexity.
Note: New features are available for OpenCart2x and Opencart3x only. For old OpenCart version ask for compatibility.

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