Apple Pay Using Stripe

Apple Pay Using Stripe
Add Apple Pay payments to your site to allow customers to easily and securely checkout on there iOS device.

Apple Pay Using Stripe

This extension will allow you to accept Apple Pay on your Opencart Website using the Stripe Payment Gateway. It will add a payment method to the checkout so customers can check out using Apple Pay on there iOS device quickly and easily.

This will allow you to take credit card payments safely and securely without passing any card information through your site

With just several clicks the customer can order and pay for a product. The extension passes all details through to the order just like the customer went through the standard checkout.

You will need a Stripe account which has fees associated with this, please check the stripe website for more info. Once you have a Stripe account you can start accepting Apple Pay Payments straight away.

Customers can pay using Apple Pay on the checkout with their fingerprints
From as little as 2 taps and the order is complete
Works like any other payment method
You will need an SSL the Apple Pay button to show
You will need a Stripe account

This extension only provides the Apple Pay payment method.

The extension should work out the box with other checkout extensions but if you have issues we will be happy to get it working.


Fully PCI Compliant - You only need an SSL Certificate
Integrated using Stripe JS Tokens, So Card Information is not posted through your server
Accept any currency Stripe supports
Accept any card stored in Apple Pay
Increase Conversions by making it easier for your customers to checkout and pay successfully.

What customers say about Apple Pay Using Stripe

This extension is fantastic. We can now effortlessly offer Apple Pay. You need a Stripe Account, and that takes all of 60 seconds to set up. We required some additional support to get the extension up and running, we're using a custom theme etc. Support was so fast and so professional, making the whole process a dream.


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