SMS on Order and Custom SMS

SMS on Order and Custom SMS

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Download user guide from here.
Supports all SMS providers. Using this extension, SMS can be sent automatically on order creation, order delivery.
Admin can also send bulk SMS to multiple customers.
Extension uses Get/HTTP URL based SMS sending method. This method is supported by most of the SMS APIs available in market.

SMS URL Configuration Example:
eztexting provides following GET/HTTP based SMS URL for sending SMS:

Here, the variables are user, pass, phonenumber, subject, message and express. Meaning of all these variables is explained by the SMS vendor, eztexting in this case. We are concerned about only 2 variables here: "Phone Number" and "Message". Rest of the values will be provided by the SMS vendor. In this case we assume sample values to be "user1", "mypass", "hello", and "1".

In "General Configuration" section, you can simply write following URL:

The extension will pick _MOB_ and _TEXT_ fields, insert appropriate data in place of those variables as required, then send SMS.

Download user guide from here.
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