Maximum quantity purchase restriction (PER CUSTOMER)

Maximum quantity purchase restriction (PER CUSTOMER)

The maximum quantity is now applied to guest checkouts also. Anyone checking out using guest checkout cannot purchase the item again beyond the allowed limit using the same email address given in billing address

Promotion reset hours - You can reset the maximum quantity purchase restriction after a period of time so that customer can buy the same item again. For example, if you want to restrict the maximum purchase only every two days, set this field to 24 hours

This is an advanced version of below extension

In addition to restricting maximum quantity the customer can buy for any product, it will also stop the buyer from buying again through another order. If the buyer adds more than allowed quantity to the cart, he will not be able to checkout.

For example if you set maximum quantity to 5 for a product, customer can
1. Buy 5 items in a single order
2. Buy 5 items split in to multiple orders like 2 in one order and 3 in another order.

But never more than 5 for any single customer

The product page will display maximum quantity he can buy

You can set this restriction selectively for any product

You can also exclude certain customer groups from this restriction

How to use the demo?

  • Set max quantity for a product in store admin
  • Go to store front and try to add a product more than this quantity to cart
  • Go to product page and you can see, it wont allow you to checkout and display warning


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