Facebook Pixel PRO (Multistore)

Facebook Pixel PRO (Multistore)

This analytics module will add the Facebook Pixel to your Opencart webshop, using the built-in Analytics functionality. All the Facebook Pixel events are supported, Advanced Matching is implemented for registered customers and the extension supports multistore shops with a unique Pixel ID for each store. The latest version implements a no-configuration multistore multi-language product feed that can serve as dynamic feed to populate a Product Catalog in Facebook Business Manager.

There are a lot of configuration options available:

  • NEW Multistore Multi-language Product Feed
  • NEW Custom locations
  • Enable/disable pixel
  • Enable/Disable event
  • Enable/Disable Advanced Matching
  • Pixel values exclusive/exclusive VAT
  • Enable/Disable Manual Mode Only (for SubscribedButtonClick and Microdata events)
  • Set a custom value for the events (Search, AddPaymentInfo, PageView & CompleteRegistration)
  • Enable/Disable the Data Types used in the Advanced Matching (email, first & last name, phone number, city, state, zip)

Compatible with most themes, tested with Journal2 theme.
No modification of core files, the extension is built using Opencart Events, no vQmod or OCMOD involved. (for backward compatibility with Opencart versions pre-2.2, some vQmod/OCMOD is required but only in the extension versions for OC2.0.x.x & 2.1.0.x)

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10 Jun 2022

26 Jul 2017
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