Professional OpenCart 3.x Upgrade (Basic) - Guaranteed Safe Data

Professional OpenCart 3.x Upgrade (Basic) - Guaranteed Safe Data

This is a custom, professional upgrade service for upgrading an existing site to the latest 3.x version of OpenCart. There is nothing to install. I personally upgrade your site to ensure all data is preserved and can guarantee all data to be safe.

Also note that this service is for a basic upgrade. Your data and images will be saved but you will need to handle new theme work, updating mods, etc. If you would prefer a more complete, turnkey upgrade service with full conversions of your existing site theme, modules, etc, please leave a comment below and I will contact you with more information.

What to expect

Total upgrade process time varies based on server (speed, compatibility, size of database, amount of content, etc). I can usually limit actual downtime to less than 10 minutes. Most of the work is back end preparation. There can always be extenuating circumstances that may cause longer downtime, but I've never had one down longer than a couple hours. Alternatively, a safer option would be for me to clone your site to a subdomain and upgrade there. This way you can work on the new site without taking down your live site. When ready to move live, I can then reconcile any new customers and orders and move your new site live. Please contact me for a quote on this additional work.

Things I can Preserve:
  • All Database Records: Customers, Orders, Products, Categories, etc will be safe and unchanged
  • Sensitive and customized database entries will be safe and unchanged as I do not delete any existing tables unless they were old core tables that are converted to the new format as part of the upgrade.
  • Images and Downloads are untouched and should appear as they always have
  • vQmod Engine update. I will update you to the latest vQmod engine if necessary. Note that this may mean existing versions of xml scripts may not be compatible with the upgraded version. I will move any scripts causing error to a subfolder inside the vqmod/xml folder named "disabled" and you can figure out any changes after the fact.

Things I cannot Preserve
  • Themes from older versions will not be saved since the themes always have changes to the variables or the overall system design. The default OpenCart theme will be selected as the default. You can always install a new one later after the upgrade is completed.
  • 3rd Party Modules. You will need to contact the individual authors for the latest updates. If any older mods are preventing the store from working, I will disable them to allow your store to continue working.
  • Module Positions. Any core modules should retain their position. 3rd party modules will be disabled.

What do you need to do?
  • I will backup your database and existing files just in case there are any unforeseen problems. I have custom scripts that I run to take a backup of your current site
  • After purchase, you MUST download the zip file that is linked to this product. That zip file has instructions on how to send me the necessary details for upgrade. I will not contact you for this. To download, goto your downloads area and click on the title of this item

Note: I offer this upgrade service to the latest version of OpenCart. I only handle the upgrade and do not offer support for any bugs found within the OpenCart software itself. All post-upgrade software support issues should be asked on the forums.

Full Service Upgrade Services
If you'd prefer that we take on the full conversion process, updating your current mods, keeping your current theme design, or even creating a new one from scratch then please leave your request in the comments below. Some samples of our work:


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