Multi Vendor / Multi Seller Marketplace

Multi Vendor / Multi Seller Marketplace
  • Installation assistance available free of cost.
  • Multilingual - 17 languages supported out-of-the-box. No language pack required.
  • Bulk import by seller/admin.
  • Shipping rates configurable based on zip code and weight.
  • Digital products supported.
  • Split order view for sellers.

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seller username:
seller password: demo123

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admin username: admin
admin password: demo123

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customer username:
customer password: demo123

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Download user guide from here.

Our multivendor/multi-seller extension is one of the most feature-rich extensions on opencart marketplace.
It has more features than many other multivendor extensions, which are selling on much higher price than ours.

This extension is tested to support a variety of themes. If any issues, we provide FREE support to make your theme compatible with our extension.
Some of our recommended themes are Journal 2, Oneshop, Matrix, TopSell, eMarket, Revo, BestShop, ShoppyStore, Avansi, Siezz, FurniShop, MaxShop, SuperMarket, BigShop and many others.

What's New?

v12 launched on 15-Jun-18
  • Bulk product import/export by seller and admin using excel is available.
  • Flexible shipping - based on country, zip, weight etc.
  • Digital products can be sold by sellers.

    v11 launched on 04-Apr-2018

  • Multilingual capability is now available. Following 17 languages are inbuilt with the extension:

    1. English
    2. Arabic
    3. Spanish
    4. French
    5. German
    6. Italian
    7. Dutch
    8. Russian
    9. Chinese (China)
    10. Chinese (Taiwan)
    11. Portuguese
    12. Indonesian
    13. Japanese
    14. Filipino
    15. Vietnamese
    16. Thai
    17. Malaysian

  • Document upload by vendors.
  • Data handling for removed sellers.
  • Fix for a wrong alert on cart page for items not available in store.
  • Code changes to prevent SQL injection.
  • Commission calculation improvement for incomplete orders.
  • For sellers, the extension Metals Live Spot Prices With Real Time Update (US) Pro is supported on OpenCart v3.
  • Simple blog extension is supported.
  • AJAX Quick Checkout PRO (One Page Checkout, Fast Checkout) is supported for 2.3.x.

    Seller Dashboard - Launched on 08-Mar-2018

    v10 launched on 07-Feb-2018
    • Easier product assignment to vendors from admin.
    • All data stored in the UTF-8 format for complete multilingual support.
    • Showing store name in all relevant places instead of seller name.
    • Seller gets notifications for own products on order.
    • Details of user activity added in contact request email.
    • Security fix for URL re-writing.
    • Some functional fixes.
    • Opencart versions older than 2.3 are not supported anymore.

    v9 launched on 22-Nov-2017
    • Sellers can make product copy/clone.
    • Users can browse the list of all registered sellers.
    • "Contact Seller" form for users.
    • Seller contact information can be switched on/off.
    • Advanced Opencart shipping module for managing vendor shipping rates.

    Main Features

    Admin Features:
    - Journal theme is officially supported
    - Set commission for sellers
    - Control setting whether seller can manage orders or not
    - Control setting for seller approval required or not
    - Control setting for product approval required or not
    - Control setting for a customer to become seller on signup page
    - Control setting whether a seller can add related products
    - Control seller ratings and reviews to ON/OFF
    - Control whether sellers should be approved by admin after registration
    - Control categories allowed for sellers
    - Set limit for maximum number of seller products purchased
    - Manage sellers
    - Add/edit a seller
    - Manage seller stores
    - Update seller stores
    - Manage seller products
    - Associate products with sellers
    - Manage seller orders
    - View order listing for sellers
    - View seller-wise order listing
    - Update seller-wise order status
    - Manage seller reviews and ratings
    - Manage commission for sellers
    - Manage payment settlement with sellers
    - Make offline payment to sellers

    Seller Features:
    - Collect inquiries from customers using a contact form
    - SEO URL for Seller Store Page
    - Order Split for sellers
    - Advanced seller panel
    - Register as seller
    - View own products
    - Add products
    - Edit own products
    - Seller Information is shown on the product page
    - Add related products for own products
    - Seller-wise shipping charges can be controlled
    - Orders having products from multiple sellers are split and handled by respective vendors
    - Individual page for seller's shop, showing seller information and seller's product
    - Sorting of products available on seller page
    - View all reviews given by customers on reviews dashboard
    - View commission history
    - View payment settlement history
    - Close account

    Customer Features:
    - Contact seller through the contact form
    - SEO URL for Seller Store Page
    - View seller stores
    - View seller details including rating and reviews on product detail page
    - Give rating and review to a seller
    - Register as seller anytime

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    Following extensions are given free if you purchase this Multivendor Marketplace extension:

    1. After the order, open a ticket with us quoting your order id, and we will send these 4 extensions on email.
    2. Support would be available only on the purchased extension. No support for free extensions.

    Download user guide from here.
    To get quick help from our technical staff, raise a ticket using this link.
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