Complete Multi Vendor Marketplace

Complete Multi Vendor Marketplace

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  • OFFICIAL ALL-TIME BESTSELLER Multi-Vendor Marketplace on
  • More features than competitor's Extensions.
  • Works with Opencart Mobile Application.
  • 250+ pages of documentation.
  • Stripe and PayPal split payments.
  • 19 Languages in-built.
  • Free Installation.
  • Works with all OpenCart themes.
  • Works with Opencart Multi-Store.
  • Hyperlocal system available.
  • Sellers can have their own domain/website.
  • Same product can be sold by multiple sellers.

Note: We do not endorse copying, fully or in part, any developer's design or coding by other developers. Such an act is illegal and violates the original developer's rights.

Seller Panel
Link: click here
password: demo123

Admin Panel
Link: click here
username: admin
password: demo123

Customer Dashboard
Link: click here
password: demo123

Store Page
Demo 1: eMarket theme - click here
Demo 2: Default theme - click here

All Multi-Vendor related features are included in this extension Itself. No need to buy any other addon extensions if you buy this.

Download user guide from here.
This extension supports all themes. If any issues, please raise a ticket.
Some of our recommended themes are Journal Theme (All versions), eMarket, Oneshop, Matrix, TopSell, Revo, BestShop, ShoppyStore, Avansi, Siezz, FurniShop, MaxShop, SuperMarket, BigShop, Grocery, Metro Market, Cakerito and many others.

Multi Vendor System Features
Updated 12-Apr-2022

We have more features than any other multi-vendor extension. For queries, ask our team to clarify.

  • Supports all opencart themes.

  • Sellers can have their own domains/websites.New!

  • Hyperlocal System Included (Area-wise Sellers).New!

  • Custom Seller fields.New!

  • Custom Email templates Approx. 1600 email templates available in 19 languages.New!

  • Stripe and Paypal Payouts for split payout.New!

  • Subscription plans for vendors. Subscription plan renewal, notifications, invoices etc are supported.New!

  • Multiple sellers can sell the same product, like Amazon.New!

  • Vendors can bulk import products via excel sheet.New!

  • Product Returns / RMA module available for sellers.New!

  • Coupons / Discount module available for sellers.New!

  • Beautiful Dynamic modules for showing Seller Products, Seller Featured Products, Seller Featured Stores etc. on any page.New!

  • Vendors can define shipping rates according to Geo Zone or Zip Code, Weight, Country etc.New!

  • Seller Vacation Mode, to disable seller products when seller is not available.New!

  • In addition to using Admin-defined values, now sellers can create their own Attributes, Attribute groups and Options.New!

  • Vendors can write and publish Blogs.

  • Users can give rating and review to Vendors.

  • Every Vendor has a beautiful store page, and users can browse through list of sellers.

  • Set commission on Global, per vendor and per category basis.

  • Live chat between customer and vendor.

  • Comprehensive Dashboard showing all Seller reports.

  • Separate pages for Vendor/User registration and login.

  • Multi Vendor API available to get/set Multi Vendor related data.

  • Option to hide seller details from product listing.

  • Vendor payout by Paypal and Offline modes.

  • Product copy/clone for vendors.

  • Users can browse registered sellers.

  • Contact Seller form for users.

  • Display of Seller contact information can be controlled by admin.

  • Automatic Meta Tag generation for products.

  • Smart product form for quick product addition by vendors.

  • MultiLingual - 19 Languages are in-built.

Available Languages

  1. English
  2. Arabic
  3. Spanish
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Italian
  7. Dutch
  8. Russian
  9. Turkish
  10. Romanian
  11. Chinese (China)
  12. Chinese (Taiwan)
  13. Portuguese
  14. Indonesian
  15. Japanese
  16. Filipino
  17. Vietnamese
  18. Thai
  19. Malaysian

Separate Seller Dashboard
The seller panel is a separate dedicated panel, independent from the frontend theme.

Financial Summary View

Same Product Sold by Multiple Sellers

Commission Setup Options

How Commission Logic Works

Product Bulk Import/Export by Sellers

Advanced Shipping Module
Sellers can ship by Country, Zip, Weight. Geo Zone based shipping for sellers coming soon!

... and many more features!

For complete set of features, please check our user guide.

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Following extensions are given free:

1. Social Login Premium

2. Search Suggestions

3. Abandoned Carts

1. Free extensions are available in your download area after purchase.
2. Support is available for paid extensions and not for free extensions.

User Guide: Download from here.
Multivendor API Documentation: Download from here.
Technical Support: Please use our helpdesk.
Note: Our extensions have a licensing policy, explained here. Using "Opencart's Core Multi-Store" feature with our extension depends on section 5 of the licensing policy for the number of allowed websites.

Installation Video

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Thanks for the extension that works very well.
Excellent module


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