Slasoft Admin Dynamic Search Bar -opencart 3

Slasoft Admin Dynamic Search Bar -opencart 3
Boring to work with hundreds of products updates, and need to scroll up and down with many layers of menu to dig them out?!

Demo Admin:
User: demo
Password: demo

Here is the solution: Admin Dynamic Search
After login admin in OpenCart back end, you can search your product with
Product Name
- It will show you whilie you type and change dynamically!!
- It shows the product name with thumbnail image
- It search the Products and Categories at the same time.

List of search features:
- Search categories by name
- Search products by Product Name
- Search products by Sku
- Search products by Model name/number
- Search orders by Order number
- Search orders by Invoice number
- Search orders by Customer Last name, First name
- Search orders by Customer Email
- Search orders by Customer Phone number
- Search customers by Email
- Search customers by Phone number
* When you see the result dynamically present, once you click will direct to the exact edit page.
1-Click action result.

Add NEW feature to search the description of product.
For customer update the latest one, please follow the steps:

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