Multi Merchant / DropShipper Shipping Locations 3.0

Multi Merchant / DropShipper Shipping Locations 3.0

This contribute Multi Merchant/Dropshipper Shipping Location Filter as multi-Merchant core 3.0 extension designed by The extension allowed customer to filter the products according to preferred nearest shipping location. This can let customer to save shipping fees and reduce the shipping duration.

* Country, State, City and Postcode Filter
* Price Range Filter

Multi-Merchant/Dropshipper Core 3.0 installed

Easy Install
1) Unzip and upload the contents to the root directory of your OpenCart installation
2) Login to administrator page, 'System -> Users -> User Group -> Administrator -> Edit -> Select All (Access/Modify) -> Save.
3) Login to administrator page, 'Extensions -> Modules-> Multi-Merchant/Dropshipper Country Search -> Install -> Edit' -> Save.
4) Login to administrator page, 'Design -> Layouts -> Search -> 'Module Name' -> Column Left -> Multi-Merchant/DropShipper Country Search -> Save.
5) Login to administrator page, 'Design -> Layouts -> ADD -> Layout Name (Merchant Search Filter) -> Add Route (product/merchant_product_search) -> Column Left -> 'Module Name' -> Multi-Merchant/DropShipper Country Search -> Save.

Support/Inquiry :

Please understand all Q&A Or support needed from comment below are replied through email. Thus you see less activity in comment area from us. It is guarantee that we will response to you within 24 hours unless we do not receive notification email from OpenCart. When this happened, please send email direct to Thank you.


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