OC 3.x - Low Stock Alert - Individual Product Based Settings

OC 3.x - Low Stock Alert - Individual Product Based Settings
Low Stock Alert is an open-cart plugin to extend availability to trigger notification instantly to owner and relevant stakeholders when any product stock reaches below configured threshold quantity. Extension takes into consideration when stock goes below for particular product option as well.

Easy to set own email address or comma separated email address
Easy to set the minimum quantity for product and trigger email to store owner
Allows notification to multiple recipients
Notification are sent based on Product Options as well.

Click here for extension compatible with OC 1.x and 2.x

Demo OC 3.X:
Credentials: demo / demo

Revision 6.0
1. Upgraded to make compatible with OC 3.0.x

Revision 5.0
1. Fixed issues in OC 2.3.x

1. Added compatibility for 2.3.x

Revision 4.3.1
1. Fixed issue module rights.
2. Fixed issue with mail setting due to version difference in 2.0.0 and 2.0.3

Revision 4.3
1. Fixed issue with pagination when product quantity or alert quantity is updated.
2. Fixed issue with product alert quantity getting updated with default values.
3. Fixed issue with auto mail not being sent.

Revision 4.1
1. To remove products from alert, set its quantity threshhold to -1 or smaller.

Revision 4.0
1. Added functionality to set alerts when products updated through feeds.
2. Added functionality to maintain product stock and threshhold simuntaneously.
3. Added extensiibility to integrate with Automatic Product feed updates from 3rd party.
4. Added option to manage thresh-hold at Products 'data' tab.

Revision 3.1
1. Fixed minor issue when quantity is undefined.
2. Fixed issue with missing options quantity for 'select' type.
3. Fixed issue in mail when product has multiple option quantity.
4. Added compatibility with 1.5.1.x and 1.5.2.x

Revision 3.0
1. Product based stock alert configuration if required.
2. Mail contents and minor html modifications.
3. Option to log when error log is on for store.

Revision 2.0
1. Added Low stock product listing to Dashboard
2. Alert low stock products based on options.

Revision 1.2
1. fixed issue with respect to product options
2. Mail contents updated

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