Out of Stock Management System

Out of Stock Management System

This extension helps you manage your stocks. You can easily update product's stock in bulk either single product. It has many inbuilt features that help to manage stock easy for example:- Automatically Hide products when they are out of stock or Disabled add to cart button if out of stock product. It's also alert out of stock products by changing list background color. It has many features which are written below

* Easy to manage product stocks.
* Quick update product stocks and theirs options stocks
* Manage Product Quantity in Bulk
* Hide out of stock products without affecting SEO
* Hide out of stock products according to selected categroies.
* Skip out of stock products which you don't want to hide.
* Disable add to cart functionality whenever stock quantity equal to zero.
* Disable add to cart functionality according to selected categroies.
* skip out of stock product. which you don't want to disable add to cart button.
* Powerful admin panel.
* Compatible with all major themes.
* Full Multi-Language and Manage from admin panel.
* Multi-Store Compatible.
* Easy Installation and setup.
* Uses OpenCart's built-in module system (no core files are overwritten).
* Excellent & Best Support.

Supported OpenCart Versions
All 2x,2.3.x ,3x versions

Latest Extension Versions
1.2 version

Email: extensionsbazaar@gmail.com


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30 Jun 2021

22 Aug 2017
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