Opencart Cache System

Opencart Cache System
Opencart Cache System module uses the phpFastcache caching system to store cache. Using this cache system you can increase the performance of your e-commerce website. This module stores the cache for different pages and layouts of the Opencart store and once the cache is saved on the system the page is opened lightning fast. Also, the admin can define the time frame for each module individually after which the cache is automatically deleted from the system.

Why to use Opencart Cache System:

The store owner can use this module to optimize the e-commerce store. The performance of the website will also increase that will help in increasing the traffic on your website.

Let's take an example of any e-commerce store. The major part of the web stores is covered with the image. So to increase the performance the image optimization and leverage cache plays a very important role.

That's why we have integrated these two new features on our extension. This extension also has the option at the admin end for the compression of different file formats.


  • Increases the performance of the store.
  • Creates cache files for the product page of Opencart.
  • Creates cache files for various modules (Category, Latest Product, Featured Product, store location, Information, Category Filter).
  • The admin can combine and minimize the size of the files(CSS and Javascript).
  • It can enable the load from CDN which will provide a faster upload of the file(CSS & JS).
  • The admin can compress various files like CSS, Javascript, Html.
  • The image compression quality can be set as desired by admin(from 0-100).
  • Creates cache files for the various list(Manufacturer, Category Menu List).
  • Creates cache files for Banner Module (SlideShow + Banner + Carousel).
  • The admin can set the cache to expire time for each module.
  • The admin can enable or disable the cache of each module separately.
  • The admin can show the cache panel on the website with a countdown which will show the cache deletion time.
  • Can optimize the images and convert them into WebP file format.
  • Reduces page loading time by using leverage cache for the users who are visiting again and again.
  • Admin End option to compress XML, XML-XHTML, XML-RSS file formats automatically.
  • Reserving option is available to serve the compressed content.


After configuring the module, the customer will get the cache countdown along with the clear cache button in the front end.

Now moving to the Admin panel, the admin can set the time zone of the module accordingly.

Also, the admin will get a combined & minify option which will allow the admin to combine all the CSS files in a single CSS file. Minify will reduce the size of that single CSS file.

Image optimization will convert the image file format to WebP and image lazy loader will load the content before loading the image.

The leverage cache option will decrease the page loading time for the repeated visitors on your website.

The admin panel also has a compression option that is used to define the file that can be auto compressed.

Cache panel will allow the store owner to manage the cache panel settings.

Using the information tab the admin can view the cache information of system and files.

Clear cache tab will allow the admin to clear the cache by using the admin panel.

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