blu Logistics

blu Logistics
Connect seamlessly with blu's retail logistics platform and the bluPort Parcel Terminal network!

blu’s innovative shipping plug-in helps you get your business moving, effortlessly! Speed, convenience, flexibility, cost efficiency and security, what you need, all rolled into one with blu Logistics.

Integrate seamlessly and obtain locations and other details for using our various services including bluPort - an island-wide network of self-collection parcel terminals in Singapore!

Experience a whole new way of managing your deliveries!
-blu’s Delivery Methods - Get access to blu’s delivery methods including bluPort, available to your customers on your
Checkout page. Manage the activation and prices you wish to offer to your customers.
- Order Management - view and manage all your orders shipped with blu.
- Label Printing - print shipping labels customized for each order with all the required details filled in.
- Self-deposit at a bluPort - have the ability to drop-off your parcel directly at a bluPort near you for further delivery to
your customer’s selected bluPort / shipping address.
- Security - use a unique Merchant ID and Authorization Key to log-in and start using the module on your Opencart
- Notifications to Customers - Notify your customers of the delivery method they’ve selected and the next steps on the
delivery of their parcels.
- Parcel Tracking - Get the latest delivery statuses for all your parcels and allow your customers the same luxury!
- Allow your customers to have a seamless experience in selecting their preferred blu delivery method and receiving
notifications on the status of their deliveries.

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8 Feb 2018

25 Aug 2017
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