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AgeChecked age verification
About Us

AgeChecked is a London based, UK listed, company that provides online age verification solutions to various sectors throughout Europe and North America. Agechecked is part of the Digital Policy Alliance, a politically neutral, cross-party policy voice of the internet and technology centre, and is a sponsor of the British Standards Institute Publicly Available Specification on Online Age Verification.

App functioning

The AgeChecked extension for OpenCart allows you to seamlessly perform age verification of your customers during checkout. During the checkout process, the customer is taken to a new iframe (see Screenshot 5) that enables the customer to verify their age using multiple methods such as electoral roll, driving license, credit card etc. It helps you be compliant with existing legislation and protect your customer and your business.

App Setup

To activate the AgeChecked extension, an AgeChecked merchant account needs to be created. The account can be created by emailing or by signing up on the AgeChecked website.

You can configure the extenstion to age verify customers for the purchase of age-restricted products across one or multiple categories (see screenshot 4). AgeChecked provides you with one of the highest match rates for age verifications as we offer multiple methods and have access to the widest array of government and company databases. The results of age verification are displayed alongside each order in the column named 'Age Verified ID'. For orders where the customer has not successfully verified their age, the status is mentioned as 'Not Verified' in this column (See Screenshot 6).

AgeChecked is a fully supported service. Contact us on for all your queries.

Current Features:

  • Allows merchants to verify customer age on checkout
  • Handles age checks directly on-site via Mobile Phone, Credit Card, Electoral Roll or National/International Driving
  • License verification out-of-the-box
  • Loads AgeChecked window inside an IFrame for better user experience across multiple devices
  • Straight forward set-up. No coding required.
  • PCI DSS and GDPR compliant.
  • Helps you be compliant with current and upcoming regulations on age verification.
  • Lowest cost age verification with highest match rates using multiple methods

More features to be added in future versions.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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