Extended File & Image Manager (Elfinder)

Extended File & Image Manager (Elfinder)
Opencart File & Image Manager based on Elfinder

Best OpenCart Image Manager!

This file manager replaces default OpenCart image manager in wysiwyg editors and image thumbnails.
Extends default image manager functionality. Supports multi-upload and archive upload/unpack.
Functionality is similar to Mac OS Finder & Windows Explorer.

DEMO (File Manager)
DEMO (product page)
NOTE: demo has limited (readonly) functionality for security reasons

Compatible with Summernote, our CKEditor extension and 3d party extensions.

- Rights control (access, modify) for Opencart users
- Mime control based on OpenCart settings (work with WEBP / DOCX / XLSX / PDF / MP3 / MP4 and others)
- Multiple additional images assign for product
- Journal2 & Journal3 template compatible
- Configurable root folder
- "Clear Image Cache" button
- Remember last folder
- Image search/copy/paste/move
- Move/Copy files with Drag & Drop
- Image edit (crop, resize, rotate)
- Image preview
- List and Icons view
- Archive support (zip, rar, 7z, tar, gzip, bzip2)
- Folder management
- Multiple upload
- Background file upload with Drag & Drop HTML5 support
- Places for your favorites
- Calculate directory sizes
- Thumbnails for image files
- Folder upload
- Watermark images on upload (configurable)
- Comfortable to use on big screens
- Keyboard shortcuts
- Rich context menu and toolbar
- Responsive
- List and Icons view
- Fast
- Available from menu Extensions->File Manager

Compatible with our CKEditor Full extension

Easy installation via ocmod.

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In case of trouble don't hesitate to contact me by email info@clicker.com.ua or by pressing "Get support button"

Elfinder is a free opensource file manager and can be found on github.
We don't sell opensource. The price of this extension include only support, upgrades and Opencart adaptation.
Elfinder sources are included in extension archive to make extension plug&play.

v.3.0 (2019-02-05)
- Elfinder v2.1.46 (Latest nightly 05 February 2019)
- Added configuration dialog (change root folder, configure watermark etc.)
- Added multiple image assign to product
- Minor bugfixes and code optimizations

v.3.2 (2019-09-25)
- Elfinder 2.1.50 (Latest nightly 24 September 2019)
- Added AutoResize plugin and configuration
- Added keyboard keys to enable/disable Watermark and AutoResize on upload
- Settings and Clear cache buttons in popup window
- Design minor fixes

v.3.3 (2019-12-05)
- Elfinder 2.1.50 (Latest nightly 04 December 2019)
- Fixed hidden folders starting with .dot. Some systems cannot access thumbnails in these folders.

v.3.4 (2020-01-16)
- Elfinder 2.1.51 (Latest nightly 12 January 2020)
- fixed Resize window popup
- added language file selector in settings
- added search autofocus option in setting
- added debug option in settings
- improved CKEditor compatibility

v.3.5 (2020-05-04)
- Elfinder 2.1.56 (Latest nightly 04 May 2020)
- improved CKEditor compatibility
- JS fixes

v.3.6 (2021-08-21)
- Elfinder 2.1.59 (Latest nightly 08 Jul 2021)
- Compatibility fixes

v.3.6.1 (2021-11-04)
- Fix Cloudflare RocketLoader compatibility

v.3.6.2 (2021-11-29)
- Elfinder 2.1.60 (Latest nightly 11 Nov 2021)
- fix JS refresh on updates

v.3.7.0 (2023-05-06)
- Elfinder 2.1.61 (Latest nightly 14 Mar 2022)
- Compatibility fixes
- Added filename sanitizer
- Updated extension structure

v.3.7.1 (2023-10-31)
- Elfinder 2.1.62 (Latest nightly 18 Jun 2023)
- Updated extension structure
- Javascript fixes
- Fix Journal3 popup size

v.3.7.5 (2024-01-21)
- Elfinder 2.1.65 (Latest nightly 16 Jan 2024)
- OC compatibility (clicker_elfinder.ocmod.zip)
- Javascript fixes

v.3.7.6 (2024-06-20)
- OC4 fix relative JS paths when OC is installed in subfolder

Documentation & Changelog

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Very good Image Manager with SVG support. Best Support ever! Thanks a lot!
Excellent! Extension and support. Many thanks
5A+ support! Fast and professional! Recommend to all!!


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