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The official Zip extension for OpenCart connects your OpenCart store to Zip's payment gateway, providing an easy means of offering Pay Later solutions in just few clicks.

A merchant account is required to use this extension. Although the extension comes free, the service does not. Head over to this link to know more and to acquire a merchant account.

The extension enables Zip as an alternate payment method in your OpenCart store. This extension allows customers to buy now, and pay later using the Zip service.

The extension supports the responsive, in-context mode which provides a seamless checkout experience without a customer ever having to leave the checkout page to complete their Zip application process.

Customers can sign up for new accounts or login with an existing account from the in-context popup. The application process itself is super easy, and can be completed in less than three minutes.

The extension also supports a redirect mode where the in-context checkout mode is not desired. Merchants can perform all back office operations like cancellation, refund or capture in OpenCart Administration dashboard.

There is also a test option that allows a merchant to connect to the Zip sandbox environment to validate the extension prior to going live.


  • It’s free!

  • Easy to configure and even easier to integrate

  • Supports Sandbox Mode

  • Different Checkout Modes available. Incontext Checkout - no need for customers to navigate away from the checkout page during application and payment. Redirect Option - Navigate away from the checkout page during application and payment

  • Back-office integration, including refunds and cancellation

  • [*] Offers marketing banners and widgets in different section of the website

    About Zip
    Zip is a leading player in the digital retail finance and payments industry. Zip offers point-of-sale credit and digital payment services to the retail, education, travel and health industries.

    We are focused on offering transparent, responsible and fairly priced consumer finance products. Zip's platform is entirely digital and leverages big data in its proprietarily fraud and credit decisioning technology to deliver real-time consumer responses with same-day settlement for merchants.

    • Developed by OpenCart Community
    • Documentation Included


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