Out of Stock with enabled/disabled Add to Cart button 3.x

Out of Stock with enabled/disabled Add to Cart button 3.x
Kreatiwe Out of Stock Rules is a plugin in which you can set your own rules and condition for the devices which have quantity zero(0), whether the Add to Cart button should be disabled if quantity is zero or it will still be enable to add the device into cart. User can change the default "Add to cart" button text to whatever text user want.

User can choose if the "Add to Cart" button will be disabled only for the Out Of Stock status and leave it enabled for Pre-Order, 2-3 Days. This extension does not overwrite any opencart default files.

If for Out of Stock, Pre-Order, 2-3 Days conditions Add to Cart button disabled is selected and a device quantity is 0, then the button will be disabled for that product and user wont be able to add that into cart.

For opencart version 2.x, please use below link
Version 2.x

Supports both OCMOD & VQMOD.

No License required. Can be used in multiple stores.

It does not overwrite any opencart default files

Full documentation and set up support available.

If you have any queries or need any help in installation, feel free to contact us.

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