Bulk Discount On Multiple Products 2.x

Bulk Discount On Multiple Products 2.x
Bulk Discount On Multiple Products is an extension in which you can add discount on multiple quantity for multiple products at a same time in a very easy and faster way.

You get multiple functionality with this extension-

- you can easily bulk add a discount to large number of products with specified quantity all at once.
- you can easily add discount for a particular period using start and end date.
- you can easily add discount for a specific user group.
- you can easily delete all the previous discounts for 1 or multiple products at a same time.
- you can view all the discounted products with different discount conditions.
- you can easily delete any discount by clicking remove selected button for that discount.
- you can remove all the discounts from 1 or multiple products by selecting those products and clicking on delete button.
- you can see all the category for all the products in the product list page directly.
- you can see the manufacturer, customer group, discount price, discount qunatity, start and end dates.
- you can filter the discounted products based on Product Name, Model, Categories, Manufacturer, Status and image.

You can apply discount to all the products under a category or all the products of a specific brand/manufacturer or all the products of multiple category or multiple brands.

You can set the start date and end date of that discountes condition using this extension. Also if you have multiple customer groups, then you can decide which customer group will be applicable for the discount( all customer groups which be displayed automatically).

It automatically displays all the category and manufacturers under select category and manufacturer dropdown respectively.

After selecting a category/manufaturer, it lists down all the product under that category/manufacturer automatically. So you can choose for which of all the products you want discount to be applied.

You can choose whether the discount amount is applied using percentage or flat amount.

For Opencart Version 3.x, Please use below link
Opencart 3.x


Note: This extension is for adding bulk discount on multiple products at same time. For adding specials on multiple products, Please use below links.
Bulk Discount/Special 2.x
Bulk Discount/Special 3.x

For demo link, please contact us.

It does not overwrite any opencart default files.

Full documentation and set up support available.

If you have any query or need any help in installation, feel free to contact us


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